Lips of The Sun
by W. Town Andrews Jr.

Release date: Fall, 2008

Rising with the dawn, retiring with the sunset, Cattleman is…

Warren Fedder, a sixty-something loner driving his herd of one, Dozie, across the ranges and basins of the American West, subsisting on nature, wandering among his memories, and, perhaps, searching for the key that unlocks the "Code of the West." He lives in the past, but the present intrudes and wrenches him out of his reverie, forcing him to enlist Perigo, a wild and unfathomable character, to help free Dozie from those who would turn her flanks into london broil, her heart into potted meat product.

Equal parts comic farce, classic western, and magical reality, Cattleman is also a unique example of an essential American story form; the journey of discovery by an idiosyncratic individualist who honors principle over authority.

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