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Free Pocket Guide to The New Manglish™ Language by Mail or Online – and for Valentine's Day

(Berwyn PA, February 8, 2008) – New Manglish is modern American English that incorporates multiple variations in usage and vocabulary, created specifically to add spice, interest and humor to a new series of self-help and how-to books updated from nearly forgotten out-of-print works. Unheard of Books, LLC is publishing these under the series title New Mangled™ Guides.

Everyone has heard words used in popular culture like doodah, blam, bling, peeps, combobulate and yadda yadda. So where do they come from? How do you use them? And what do they really mean?


New Manglish is a written form of English, but is certainly spoken as well. Indeed, New Manglish draws from multiple linguistic percolators in its spicy blend, including numerous spoken argots, cants and slangs. It’s fun to learn about and try out.

New Manglish was constructed by first selecting the most enduring, charming, amusing, essential and useful terms coined by youth in the English-speaking world during the second half of the 20th century and the first half-decade of the 21st. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s slang was sifted and sorted for its pithiest and most poignant contributions to our culture.

But this was not enough. In order to make these quaint and dusty works stand out as truly newly mangled, many more linguistic twists and tourniquets needed to be found, researched, and layered into the mixture that was to become New Manglish.

Skate Slang, HipHop, Ebonics, Film Noir, ‘40s Gangster Patois, Cowboy Slang, Aussie Slang, Business Cliche, Cockney Argot, Classic Cartoonisms, Surfer Lingo, Office Jargon, Stoner Dude, Urban name just a few, were all consulted, raided, and wrung for their savory contributions.
Also added: buzzwords, catch phrases, coinings and joinings of the past quarter century. Mix in multiculturisms; terminologies intruding into our written and spoken tongue from across the ocean and across the globe, from German, Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi, Pilipino, Russian, Yiddish and others.

Other terms came in from pop culture--from Madison Avenue, from the Nintendo and Sega universes, from sport, movies, the internet and television, medical terminology, pop psychology, self-help movements, culinary cant. Even technical, scientific, medical and legal jargons made their contributions.
We slotted this hodgepodge of words and phrases into a find-and-replace matrix and unleashed it on the unsuspecting text of our first victim, a 1950s self-help book for young people just entering the confusing world of love and relationships.

To receive the free Pocket Guide (8 mini-pages accordion-folded to fit in a wallet slot or shirt pocket, packed with terms and trends ) to the New Manglish Language send a self-addressed-stamped #10 envelope to Unheard of Books, PO Box 153, Berwyn PA 19312.

Or, download the print-it-yourself version below

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