Berrythorn is a middle-grade level fantasy-adventure novel, alternate history genre, by W. Town Andrews.

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W. Town Andrews

A mysterious message flutters away on the breeze, and Vicky, yearning for something new, something different, tightens her grip on her handlebars, and takes the first steps into a whirlwind of adventure. She has no idea how different this day, at the outset of her eleventh summer, will become.

Just that morning, she was picking wild berries among the thorny thickets of her family’s Pennsylvania farm. Before the day is done, she will find herself battling for her life—and to find her way home—among groups of strangers that are so unfamiliar that she wonders if she’s still in her own world, or time, or universe.

Vicky must learn. She must think. And she must come to an understanding, that berries may be sweet, but to enjoy them, one must avoid the thorns.  BERRYTHORN.  Read it on Kindle Vella!  (First 3 Chapters Read Free!)