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Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo
Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

“Memoirs of a Transferable Soul by W. Town Andrews is a captivating, extraordinary story that centers on a man’s experience at the twilight point between life and death. Suffering from a terminal disease that specialists in different fields have failed to diagnose, a bedridden man discovers a door through which his soul leaves his body, thanks to the strange effects of experimental medication and contemplation. The soul wanders and temporarily lives where other souls go. He feels better each time the soul returns, with his abilities improved as well. But the symptoms of the illness eventually return and he must find a way to maintain his health, looking for more terminals to feed his energy, and how he does it is what will surprise and keep readers intrigued.”

“W. Town Andrews’ writing is lyrical and smooth and it grabs the reader from the very first page. I was literally glued to the pages, exploring the realism with which the author describes patients at a terminal stage. The images of the setting like the medical facility are vividly described. There is an economy of word that sets this author apart; the simplicity in the narrative style and beauty in phrase usage are some of the highlights of the prose. Memoirs of a Transferable Soul features themes of illness, solitude, dark despair, and explores mortality, showcasing a man’s struggle with the thought of his own death. The novel has strong elements that will entice fans of the paranormal; intriguing and filled with powerful plot points. The author combines strong narration with humor to transform an already beautiful story into a page-turner.”

Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite
Review Rating: 5 Stars

“Memoirs of a Transferable Soul by W. Town Andrews follows the path of a man with a rare terminal illness that evades diagnosis. But a combination of experimental medication and contemplation has opened the door to a rare experience, and now his soul can travel out of his body and wander about, taking residence where other souls have gone. Whenever it returns, his illness diminishes and his spiritual skills grow stronger. But he also realizes that his strength cannot endure for long until he seeks out and connects with new terminal partners. Now, he is caught in the dilemma of keeping his unique skill secret and locating the right terminal partners at the same time. Follow the journey of this soul as it drifts between life and death. Can he finally conquer his mysterious illness or be consumed by it?

“The premise is powerful, and just the idea of an illness that can’t be diagnosed is in itself a mind-blowing worry, for how can one fight a disease they cannot name? The narrator, the mysterious patient, gives readers an insight into his struggle right away: “Though I was still a young man, the events had taken their toll. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but could see its depth in the doctors’ eyes, and feel its invasion wedging into my flesh, my bones, my brain, my spirit—my very soul.” The writing is characteristic of a lyrical style. The story is psychologically intense, exploring strong emotions and inviting readers to enter into the spiritual world of the protagonist. W. Town Andrews uses humor to embellish the writing and it comes across in the narrative voice and especially in the protagonist’s manner of looking at life and events. There is some form of mockery in the voice that makes complex issues look as though they are light. This lightness in voice combines with the intensity of the emotions captured in the narrative to make it an irresistible story. Memoirs of a Transferable Soul is hugely entertaining.”

Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite
Review Rating: 5 Stars

Memoirs of a Transferable Soul by W. Town Andrews is a novel with powerful metaphysical underpinnings. The main character has a terminal illness that no medical professional has succeeded in diagnosing. But a combination of his current medication and meditation unlocks hidden skills and he begins to experience a transcendental phenomenon with his spirit leaving his body to occasionally dwell where other souls have departed. It’s a phenomenon that reinvigorates him, but every time he has to unlock his soul and wander in search of terminal partners to keep his strength up and stop the illness from getting stronger. Every time he returns from his soulful flights, he notices that his transcendent abilities grow stronger.

W. Town Andrews creates an enigmatic character who is at the same time troubled by his condition and yet eccentric in the way he talks about it. This story will appeal to fans of the paranormal and stories with elaborately and well-crafted characters. The story is told from the perspective of the protagonist, a character who navigates a strange world of terminal illness and extraordinary experiences. The reader is pulled in from the very beginning by the strong narrative voice and the exciting prose, and each page presents surprises, opens a new portal into this character’s soul. He does things that he wouldn’t want anyone to know, has questions that he can’t ask anyone but he goes out of his body to seek answers to them. Memoirs of a Transferable Soul is humorously narrated, one of those books that remind readers of things they could do if only they were unseen. It is exciting, utterly engaging, and thought-provoking.

He’s an ordinary man, but he tells an extraordinary tale.

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